28 September 2008

Rosh Chodesh

Head of the Month...New Moon

Blessed New Moon
Completely hiding your glory.

What gifts do you have to share
with us this mysterious phase?

How will you teach us the way?
What depths shall we grow?

Thank you for your faithfulness,
leading us the way
'round the cycle
of Life.

New Moon. Soft and dark.
Gloriously hidden.

You inspire and encourage us
to never cease our plans our goals
the journey through our destiny.

New Moon.

Welcome. Thank you.
Mysteriously you, New Moon.

16 September 2008

Remember When Pride Was About Quality?

Yes, I remember when...

You would purchase a washing machine and it would last for near ever. I even have a toaster oven that is at least 35 years old and STILL works.

Remember when companies took pride in their products and gained their reputations through quality.

Nowadays seems that true quality is literally out the door. You purchase an item and unless you pay an arm, a leg and your first born and that firstborn's firstborn you will not get much true quality.

You will either get an item made in China for pennies on the dollar or a poorly made in USA product.

I remember when purchasing Pepperidge Farm cookies was a treat.

Not just because of the price but because of the yummy quality. The Milano cookie was just as lovely (aesthetics and taste) as its exotic name.

Milano cookies used to look as if they were handmade.

Have you seen a Milano cookie lately? Does it look the same to you? Mind you I should stay away from all refined sugars and flours but every now and then I sneak a peak and eat one or two. Today I bought a pack and it was just as they were several months back...the quality has REALLY gone down hill both in looks and in taste.

Has American society totally turned to fluff? Something of no substance where even Milano cookies lose their appeal?


09 September 2008

Emma Thompson is Brilliantly Beautiful

I am forever grateful and thankful to such brilliant thespians as Britain's Ms. Emma Thompson for the passion and commitment they put into their craft.

A true actor is an artist, a living masterpiece unfolding before our very eyes.

Emma Thompson is an artist.

I've never been a "star worshiper" or into celebrities.
But as I said before Emma Thompson is no celebrity or a star. She is an artist.

Thank you Ms. Thompson for following your dreams you have blessed humanity with beautiful works of fine art. Gaia will be proud of you once she is able to comprehend all that her mother has and will accomplish both on stage and at home.

She is definitely someone with whom I'd enjoy sitting with and having a cup of tea. Every character she has become she has made believeable, alive, real and deep.

Even when she did the voice over in that Will Farrell movie where she place the author attempting to write her latest novel. Stranger Than Fiction.

Start with Dead Again and move forward to Much Ado About Nothing...ain't she grand? Then sit down with tea and lots of hankies when you absorb Wit.

And I even liked her as Nanny McPhee ;-).

Then you will see what I see. Then you will say...Thank you Sister Emma, you rock!

above image courtesy of: TheAge.com.au Read the Article

this image courtesy of Flickr

08 September 2008

Dr. Nancy Mao Gevirtz

Nancy and I were acquaintances and both members of the same Jewish community she always had a kind word and a smile when we greeted each other. We both had a child in the same class for several years at the Jewish Day School. Nancy's daughter, Rachel, was my son's classmate.

At first I was told that Nancy was retiring from practicing medicine because she was ill, it was not until I saw her several months later that I realized just how ill she was.

We were arriving one evening to attend a school play, I believe it was the 4th grade play. I saw Nancy for the first time and I could tell that she was in a great deal of pain and it was a struggle to stand let alone walk. My emotional reaction was to cry that evening for her, her children and her husband.

You see the smile in this photo...this is the smile that Nancy always had...And as her illness wore on I could still see her smile as she attended various functions for her daughter.

Nancy never stopped smiling or living.

Only this evening as my son and I took a walk did I learn that Nancy passed on a few weeks ago. My heart broke right there in the middle of the sidewalk several blocks from home.

I mourn for Nancy and the loss of her children. As a mother I understand how we want to be there to watch our children grow.

Nancy was a loving and devoted mother and she continued to smile. This is the way I will always remember Nancy.

You and your beautiful smile will be missed Nancy.

May your family be comforted among the mourners of Tzion.

Nancy, may you find comfort and rest in the shelter of The Most High. Baruch'Hu.

Dr. Nancy Mao Gevirtz
Dr. Nancy Mao Gevirtz of South Whitehall Township, passed away on August 25, after a valiant battle with scleroderma. She was 48. She was the daughter of Rita Mao Myrick, wife of Bert Myrick and the late Joseph T.K. Mao. She was married to Dr. Jeffrey Gevirtz for 17 years. Nancy graduated from Dumont High School, New Jersey, in 1978, Brown University in 1982, and Rutgers Medical School in 1986. She did her clinical medicine at Hartford Hospital in 1990. Nancy practiced medicine for 10 years with Sam Bub, M.D. and Associates and worked as a summer camp physician at Camp Harlam. Nancy has been an active and beloved leader in her community for many years. She received the George Feldman Achievement Award for her service to the Jewish community, she was president of the Womens Division of the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley (J.F.L.V.) and served on the boards of the J.F.L.V., the Jewish Day School and Congregation Keneseth Israel (K.I.). She was a member of K.I. and of Temple Beth El. Survivors: Husband; mother; her children, Sam and Rachel; sisters, Elaine Hui, wife of Dr. Thomas Hui, Kim Judge, wife of Glenn Judge; sister-in-law, Tracy Weinstein, wife of Dr. David Weinstein; brother-in-law, Stephen Gevirtz, husband of Karen Gevirtz, and their families; and by many friends whose lives she touched so deeply. Services: Funeral services will be held today, August 27 at 11 a.m. in Congregation Keneseth Isreal, 2227 Chew Street, Allentown. Shiva will be observed at the Gevirtz residence August 27, 28, 30, 31, and September 1 at 7 p.m. with Minyan at 8 p.m. Arrangements by Bachman, Kulik & Reinsmith Funeral Home, Allentown. Contributions: In lieu of flowers, the family requests contributions be made to the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley, 702 N. 22nd Street, Allentown, PA 18104, the Scleroderma Foundation, Attn: Donations, 300 Rosewood Drive Suite 105, Danvers, MA 01923 or by calling 1-800-722-4673, or to the charity of your choice.
Published in the Morning Call on 8/27/2008

04 September 2008

Purpose of Meditation

What is the purpose of meditation?

Sitting there in seemingly torturous and utter silence all alone...

It is to bring you back to the ultimate ground zero.

To bring you to that moment before the moment of your "creation" in this material existence.

To allow you to insperience the indwelling presence of the Divine, of YOUR spark of the Divine.

Because it is only in the insperience of that moment are you able to touch true joy, true nirvana, true bliss...heaven.

Then...it is in those moments where you are in complete peace (shalem/shalom) that you are able to truly KNOW.

From there you are able to over come seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Only from there are you able to answer the questions for which you need answers.

The purpose of meditation is to be still and know that I AM.

Go back to the time where you are confronted with a question...even seemingly simple trivia and you KNOW the answer... you know that you know the answer...it is on the tip of your tongue but you can not bring forth the words. Try as you might, strain...groan but nothing comes out.

Only when you let go....you stop striving....you have a moment of mental silence and then...only then does the answer spring forth.

Imagine what you will be able to answer, accomplish if you purposely sat still....be still and know that I AM.

Just imagine....

image courtesy of: Raja Yoga

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03 September 2008

Greatest Disservice

Greatest disservice ever served...

Being told that our minds are finite, that there things we are unable to grasp.

If we are part and parcel of the Infinite, sparks of the Divine dwell within us then I would surmise that our minds are infinite as well.

We see life through a darkened window. But to sit still and go within we are able to cleanse and open that window.

We are not handicapped. Perhaps our body has limitations but each of us, if we are still should be able to tap into the Infinite pool of consciousness that exists, that we are--that I AM.

I refuse to sit back and accept the limitations foisted upon me through mental conditioning. How about you?

What we accept in Heaven (our spiritual consciousness) we will have here on Earth (our bodies/physical plane).

I accept Infinite possibilities without limitations.

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This work by Tamu Ngina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

02 September 2008

Energy Therapy-For real

Energy therapy: for real.

I know... I am being just a little facetious with my subtitle.

Energy is real. We are real. Energy therapy is also very real.

Dictionary.com definition of therapy: 2. a curative power or quality.

Did you know that you contain within yourself the power to heal yourself? You have the power to assist others in healing themselves.

Wait a minute, before you know you start asking for lab results...Healing can and does happen on ALL levels of being...mental, physical, emotions and spirit. Not necessarily on all the same time.

But, suffice it to say, there are all sorts of healing. If you ask me my personal definition of healing I would say that healing is when you come to a place of peace and balance within. Therefore one can be healed emotionally or spiritually even if their body may still be attacked by cancer. Something to think about.

Something as simple as saying I love you has the power to heal. Even a simple greeting like Hello and a smile has the power to heal.

Mother Earth has the power to heal. Just trying walking in the grass barefoot. Not a quick brisk walk but a slow meandering enjoyable enjoying of the soft green grass and even the deep brown of the soil. All of these have the power to heal.

But you must be still. Healing can only come about when there is a balance, a peace and a centerdness of being.

Dictionary.com definition of Heal:

1.to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment.
2.to bring to an end or conclusion, as conflicts between people or groups, usually with the strong implication of restoring former amity; settle; reconcile: They tried to heal the rift between them but were unsuccessful.
3.to free from evil; cleanse; purify: to heal the soul.

Energy heals. Calm, peacefilled energy helps to bring you to state of balance where healing can begin.

Everything we do and everything we are has a vibration...a healing vibration.

I read a really interesting article in the Tahaastu magazine over the weekend. The article is discussing using the flowers to heal. Well everyone knows about giving flowers to someone who is ill. And many people know about Bach remedies and the use of herbs in healing.

But what about using the pure unadulterated energy from flowers to heal? I mean not even cutting, drying or distilling flowers but keeping the whole and intact on the flower and only harnessing (read: bottling) their energy!

The idea just blew me away. But you know it something to ponder. As I was cleaning my living room yesterday I went out to my small mother earth garden and plucked some of the zinnias and my 6ft marigolds and put them about the house to harness their energy so to speak.

The marigolds, my favorite from my ISCKON ashram days, were set on a speaker directly in front of the blowing fan. And after being open to the idea of just accepting the energy from the flower...I could indeed feel the vibrations coming from the marigolds as they sat in front of the fan.

Makes me wonder...take this one step forward...with purest of intent, is it possible to call upon the energy of......to utilize for healing?

You know, think about it...the world, the Universe, your Spirit....INFINITE... filled with Infinite possibilities.

Take a moment. Be still. Insperience.
Explore: Indian Flower Therapy Article from Tathaastu

image courtesy of Sacbee.com

01 September 2008

Insperience I AM

Today was/is a beautifully radiant day. Slow and easy as I enjoyed, with my children, the last official (if not technically speaking) day of summer.

Sat out in the garden on my blanket and beach chair enjoying the fresh grass, bumble bees, fuschia and red zinnias still blooming while reading a good book- Tree of Life Meditation System by Ra Un Nefer Amen.

I then did some much needed dusting in the living room, dabbled with the dishes, the battle of never ending laundry and a pit stop at the local grocery store to stock up on weekly staples. See, each and every day I pack my children's lunch for school as there is no kasher lunch plan besides my homemade is healthier. ;-)

I did enjoy watching a few episodes of MONK and just a half of one of Star Trek:TNG. Gotta love those all day television series marathons.

Dinner was pulled off without a hitch. Some fresh local Romaine and Green Leaf lettuce, chopped beets, zucchini, fresh from my own little farm tomatoes and homemade salad dressing. Okay, I may as well detail the dressing: EV olive oil, hot curry powder, tamari sauce, a pinch of cane sugar, fresh lemon juice and a dash of water.

It was the soup that helped my eldest boy feel his best! For some reason today he was feeling under the weather, perhaps a little to hot in his upper bunk bed during his nap time. But after the Adzuki bean soup that I made with love for him he is feeling a bit better.

I've enjoyed the two chapters that I have read thus far from T.O.L.M. It is from this reading that I have for the first time encountered the word insperience.

How beautiful and so deeply meaningful is this word insperience which is counter to the so much sought after and Webster defined experience.

Can you feel it? Can you insperience it's meaning, it's being.

I find it profound indeed.

This word is a useful term to almost describe what happens deep within ones being. It is indeed the being still and knowing.

Generally we are all seeking to experience. We experience hot or cold. We experience relationships and going.

How oft do we consider what we insperience.

Experience can be defined and quantified, grasped and dissected.

What of insperience?

It is that infinite state of which words can not describe?

It can not be bought, traded, sold or categorized.

It is.

Be still and know that I AM...within which you may begin your insperience...after that...there are no words.